St. Charles

St. Charles is a charming small Arkansas County community. It’s also home to  the White River National Wildlife Refuge, one of my favorite places to go to. The town is like taking a walk into the past with its interesting buildings and rich history, which you can get a taste of at its museum in the St. Charles City Hall. Here’s a quick glance:

The unforgettable Civil War memorial in the middle of the road near the St. Charles City Hall.

A Civil War cannon.
A cool hat within the city’s museum.
It cost what…? Old fees for a former St. Charles ferry that crossed of the White River.
Needing a haircut?
Coke machine outside of an abandoned gas station.
White River National Wildlife Refuge is next door to St. Charles.
The winding trail.
Just some of the flowers that I saw.
just thought it was pretty as well.
OK. This was just cool.

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