St. Charles

St. Charles is a charming small Arkansas County community. It’s also home to  the White River National Wildlife Refuge, one of my favorite places to go to. The town is like taking a walk into the past with its interesting buildings and rich history, which you can get a taste of at its museum in the St. Charles City Hall. Here’s a quick glance:

The unforgettable Civil War memorial in the middle of the road near the St. Charles City Hall.

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Is there life out there?

I’ve always wanted to see a black bear and a bald eagle in their native settings. I guess I have this dream of going to the White River National Wildlife Refuge and just naturally seeing one of these two animals.

I’m so busy scoping the area for bears and eagles, as well as other larger creatures, that I sometimes forget that the refuge is home to some smaller residents.

This past weekend, I would frequently hear the local woodpeckers in the trees surrounding me and I finally spotted two of the birds near the end of my walk (see below). Continue reading “Is there life out there?”