Is there life out there?

I’ve always wanted to see a black bear and a bald eagle in their native settings. I guess I have this dream of going to the White River National Wildlife Refuge and just naturally seeing one of these two animals.

I’m so busy scoping the area for bears and eagles, as well as other larger creatures, that I sometimes forget that the refuge is home to some smaller residents.

This past weekend, I would frequently hear the local woodpeckers in the trees surrounding me and I finally spotted two of the birds near the end of my walk (see below).

I almost squashed some more local residents on the boardwalk while I took in the views. Thankfully, I saw the little guy (see above) in time to snap some pictures instead.

Below are some of the wildlife I saw at the refuge last Saturday. I self-identified the woodpeckers myself and, next Wednesday, I am verifying that I accurately identified the Red-Headed Woodpecker and the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker as well as getting the names for the other residents I got pictures of.

Red-Headed Woodpecker
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker


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