Taste test

One of the latest Razzle Dazzle Confection Co. concoctions: A cherry custard cupcake. Photo courtesy of the company's Facebook page.

I’m writing a story on a new company in town that was started by a local 16-year-old, and I have decided that a taste test is now in order. I obviously need to sample the product if I’m going to do my story justice. ;D

Monkeying around

I saw a monkey in camo on Friday. It was a sight I've never seen before, and it was pretty darn cute. It was also appropriate as the little guy was in the duck and rice Capital of the world — Stuttgart, Ark. It's pretty much required for residents to have some sort of camo in their closet (a memo I conveniently lost, lol).

Say a little prayer

Today’s worship service officially ended the Wings Over the Prairie festival. The event entailed a male Labrador retriever and his owner helping others find Christ through a hunter’s experience.

Kingdom Dog Ministry's Hank Hough and one of his three dogs visited Stuttgart on Sunday.

Despite an interesting weekend — my mother came and spent the night with me Saturday — it was a dreary weekend with it raining pretty hard Saturday night. Sunday was cloudy with great puddles of water every where.

Drip drops outside of my house.

Wings Over the Prairie

A Stuttgart contestant in the Junior World Championship Duck Calling Contest on Saturday.

It’s finally here. It’s Wings Over the Prairie Festival time here in Stuttgart and hunters are sprawled all over downtown Stuttgart as they listen to the sound of duck calls. I’ve been covering duck calling contests all morning, and can happily announce, I have just finished covering my last one. Yay! Now, its time to check out the other parts of the festival: The Carnival and Gumbo cookoff! Can you say FUN!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's grill time.

I have a lot to be thankful for. My work took the time to grill out for its employees, I have amazing parents, sister and brother-in-law who always have my back, and great cousins who can always make me smile.

It’s packing time…

It’s final: I’m visiting Tuscan, Arizona!

The United States with pins marking where I have been.

I’m super excited about my upcoming trip, which will be just a weekend visit as I check out the community and its awe-inspiring sights. Even better news is that it is not my only trip planned — my family is part of a group heading to Covington, La., for an annual cook out for the seminarians. My cousin Stephen is the student body president and has asked the Knights of Columbus in our hometown (who help sponsors him as a seminarian) to cook for the event. Of course, my dad and grandpa are cooking and my mom, grandma and I are showing support (plus it sounds fun). 😀

It will be a great distraction as everything starts to slow down as the holidays approach. Duck season has finally arrived as well as the cold meaning that its almost time for Stuttgart’s annual Wings Over the Prairie festival. It kicks off this Saturday with a pageant and goes throughout the Thanksgiving week. The big events are on next Friday and Saturday — the duck calling contests and, of course, gumbo.

A family affair

Goofing off as our parents' pictures were taken.

My sister Libby and I gave our mother a family photo session for Christmas last year. She had talked about having family pictures done for a while. Well, the session finally occurred some 10 months after Christmas. It was a perfect morning. We used our favorite photographer — Ernie Rice Photography out of Jonesboro — and the pictures were taken at my brother-in-law’s best friend’s farm. Continue reading “A family affair”

Taking a rest.

A pretty sight while leaving Pot Latch Education Center at Cook’s Lake in Casscoe. It’s a Great Blue Heron.
A too-common sight this time of year. These birds are Greater White-fronted Geese (locally known as Speckle-Belly Geese).