A family affair

Goofing off as our parents' pictures were taken.

My sister Libby and I gave our mother a family photo session for Christmas last year. She had talked about having family pictures done for a while. Well, the session finally occurred some 10 months after Christmas. It was a perfect morning. We used our favorite photographer — Ernie Rice Photography out of Jonesboro — and the pictures were taken at my brother-in-law’s best friend’s farm.

We also took pictures around this cute run down barn.
There were several cows, a bull or two, and calves on the farm making it a necessity for us to watch our step.
We startled some of the cows and calves, which probably wasn't a good thing. Many gave us a warning glare, just daring us to cause trouble.
We eventually moved on to another part of the farm that had old equipment, which fascinated my dad and brother-in-law. I even caught my dad working on one.
Of course, we had to play around while the photographer wasn't looking. 😀 Mom showed off her "look, no hands and no feet" move.
I had to follow with my "look, I'm falling" routine.
Needless to say, we were a handful.
That didn't seem to be a bad thing though — we even met a mule who liked having her picture taken as well.
We ended the day after an hour, but I still find this cool flower first.

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