It’s a …

A picture is worth 1,000 words. For me, a picture helps to correctly identify what I see. I have a horrible memory so it helps having something to go back to refresh my mind.

Yesterday, I was sitting on on my back steps when this wasp fell in the leaves beside me. He kept trying to climb up on a leaf which would then tilt over knocking him to the ground.

I spent this evening trying to identify him. I think I have him identified as a red paper wasp (Polistes carolina). I’m still checking to make sure, but what do you think?

Country Concert

My sister and her husband often remark how they can’t believe I’m from Arkansas. My sister is super country while I’m pretty much a city girl. It’s a remark that I’ve actually heard from a lot of native Arkansan friends, however, if there is one thing we have in common, it’s country music.

Two weeks ago I attended a country music concert with my sister, her husband and their friends. It was the last stop of the tour for Miranda Lambert with special guests, the Randy Rogers Band and Justin Moore. It was a blast since I was able to hear some of my favorite songs from both her (such as White Liar and Baggage Claim) and her new group, the Pistol Annies (such as Hell on Heels and Takin’ Pills).

Here are some pictures from the event.

Miranda Lambert singing White Liar.
Justin Moore, who my brother-in-law absolutely loves to listen to. In fact, all we listened to on the way to and from the concert was a Justin Moore CD.
Pistol Annies.