My fine china.

I bought my first set of fine china in high school at a local antique shop. It was the Marywood pattern (2181) in the Noritake Contemporary Fine China, which has a blue floral band with a platinum trim (see above).

My purchase included a set of four and I immediately fell in love with the pattern. The pattern, which was sold between 1971 and 1996, was already discontinued when I made my purchase. However, I’m still looking at ways to purchase more.

Even if I can’t find more, the pattern is still one of my favorites and its great to now be able to use them in my own home.

Traveling for work

The U.S. Postal Service has selected eight local post offices for further study on whether they should be closed or not. I’ve been traveling to each of the public meetings held for community feedback. The last one in my coverage area was held for the Tichnor Post Office and its customers on Thursday night.

It was neat to attend these meetings because, as a non-Arkansas County native, I was able to learn a little more about these rural communities and their residents.

However, the trips weren’t all work. I was just arriving in Tichnor when I caught a glimpse of the above pond through some pine trees. I just had to stop. Later, I even found a rusted truck that I just had to photograph as well. Continue reading “Traveling for work”

Ducks galore

a female wood duck.

It’s time for my newspaper annual Duck Edition, which publishes in late November. In honor of the event (which I’m presently working on), here are some pictures of wood ducks that I took during banding season at the White River National Wildlife Refuge on July 29.


the Great Horned Owl

Students examine a barn owl.

My morning started off pretty cool. I photographed these two guys being introduced to a local preschool class who was learning about dark, light and night. The owls belong to a local nature center. 😀

Is there life out there?

I’ve always wanted to see a black bear and a bald eagle in their native settings. I guess I have this dream of going to the White River National Wildlife Refuge and just naturally seeing one of these two animals.

I’m so busy scoping the area for bears and eagles, as well as other larger creatures, that I sometimes forget that the refuge is home to some smaller residents.

This past weekend, I would frequently hear the local woodpeckers in the trees surrounding me and I finally spotted two of the birds near the end of my walk (see below). Continue reading “Is there life out there?”

Going wild

The new Bottomland Hardwood Trail.

It’s been four days since I attended the dedication of the new Bottomland Hardwood Trail at the White River National Wildlife Refuge in St. Charles, and I am still smiling each time I think of it.

The trail is pretty awesome and I enjoyed attending the first guided hike on the trail, which includes a 1,384-foot boardwalk and an interpretive walk through the woods to overlook the White River. My mom went with me and it was great getting to spend the day with her.

She tagged along as I took pictures and talked for my story on the refuge’s dedication and a second dedication of the new St. Charles Fire Station. We ended up eating at Mary J’s Country Cafe in Ethel before heading back to the refuge.

Below are some pictures of the new trail. Continue reading “Going wild”

Taking the time.


Lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.
indifference – unconcern – torpor – listlessness


It’s a word that I’m starting to think clearly defines many in today’s society. It’s either they don’t care enough or they go overboard with it. There is no middle ground.

I’m worried the most about the people who just don’t care because they have the potential to cause the most harm. It’s a concern of mine that has been growing for a while because I’m starting to wonder if some of my peers have lost their sense of what’s right and what’s wrong.

It really struck home Monday when I saw this Fox News video. A 2-year-old toddler was ignored by at least 18 people, according to Fox News, after she was ran over by a van on a Chinese street. The video showed people walking and driving by — yet never stopping. It might have happened in China, but its a problem that people are facing worldwide. Continue reading “Taking the time.”