Arts Festival

Needlework that I plan to make.

I picked up a needlework pattern a few months ago that I have been meaning to make as a gift to my sister. It would be a new type of project for me and I have yet to get started on it. This weekend, however, was the local arts festival and one of the displays (above) was the exact pattern that I was hoping to make for my sister.

It was the push I needed and I hope to get started soon since it will take me forever to complete. The arts festival was a blast, although I didn’t completely see eye-to-eye with the judges this year. Continue reading “Arts Festival”

A little magic

My aunt and I took my two little cousins to see Disney on Ice this weekend. We met at a family member’s house, who has gorgeous sunflowers blooming (see above) and then drove to Memphis’ FedEx Forum for the event.

It was fun watching the different classics: Peter Pan, Mickey Mouse, Lion King, the Little Mermaid and Lilo & Stitch. While I hate the Lion King as a movie, I do adore its characters, Timon and Pumba. My cousins loved it. Continue reading “A little magic”

Tuesday blues.

It’s one of those days.

I’m cranky, not feeling good and just downright lazy feeling.

The only thing that saved my morning are two small little things:

1 I stumbled across what I should have said to the nosy woman that basically asked me if I, as a single woman, was lonely and jealous of my married friends and if I even had friends. (I think she meant well—we have always gotten along well. It was just inappropriate for the nonprofit seminar setting that we were in.)

While I answered nicely enough, I should have added this phrase to the mix.

Single as a dollar and I’m not looking for change. Continue reading “Tuesday blues.”

St. Peter’s

St. Peter's Catholic Church has just received a new sign that is adorned with a 152-year-old bell. The church has had the bell since late 1970.

This weekend I was able to attend mass at my church back home, St. Peter’s Catholic Church. I enjoy attending church there and comparing how the church has changed (and not changed) since I attended regular mass there as a youth. Continue reading “St. Peter’s”

Sideline view

I love the crisp Saturday mornings spent taking pictures at area youth sporting events. It’s a great way to spend the morning because, first of all, it always guarantees you cute action pictures.

In Stuttgart, this means taking soccer and football pictures. I found myself on the sidelines of the local football field during the final moments of the seventh-grade football game. The boys were focused and the local team kept charging toward the end zone in a last-minute frenzy to tie the game. While they eventually completed a touchdown, it wasn’t still wasn’t enough to win a game.

Learning history through art

Anne Frank. Gerda Weissmann Klein. Sabina Szwarc.

These names are among those recorded at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. They were among the approximately six million Jews in Europe that were subjected to persecution and murder by Nazi Germany and its collaborators. According to the museum, nearly two out of every three European Jews were killed by 1945 as Nazi Germany attempted to create a more pure race which included targeting some 200,000 gypsies and at least 200,000 mentally or physically disabled patients.

It’s easy to focus solely overseas when faced with these horrible facts surrounding World War II. It’s a shameful part of history that needs to be remembered so that it’s never repeated again. However to do this, Americans must also remember that Europe was not alone in having concentration camps on its land. Continue reading “Learning history through art”