And so it ends…

The first of my roommates and fellow PHA interns left today. My roommate Caylah went home an extra day early after she found out another intern in the building was going her way, and my co-worker Monica finished up her internship as the advocacy and awareness intern as well. It was sad in both cases, well for me and not really them.

To finish up the internship, the interns-Monica, Patti and I-created our internship videos. I must say they are awesome to watch. We had video ourselves talking about what we did at PHA and why we recommend our internships. Along with our less-than-1 minute videos, we also created a nice 3 minute video of us talking and preparing for my internship video. We had no clue that the camera was recording and it caught us talking and preparing me to do the interview. It is actually pretty funny to watch.

Patti and I are the next to leave: I leave next Wednesday, May 13, and Patti will leave either the same day or Friday, May 15.

For the roommates, Sheila is leaving tomorrow at 9 p.m. after her fiance and his brother arrive to pick her up, and then it will be just Ever and I.

I cannot believe four months has already passed and the semester is over. It’s crazy!


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