Taking in the sites one last time

Mom, Elizabeth and Cindy love Thai food.

We ate dinner at a Thai restaurant in Silver Spring, and they enjoyed the food despite their earlier misgivings. I was pretty excited! The meal was a welcome change to our day. After a late start, we visited the Smithsonian National Zoo and I was finally able to see Happy the Hippo and the baby gorilla. Afterwards, we set out to see the Hope Diamond at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and stopped by the Smithsonian Castle. I must admit the jewelry at the Natural History Museum were my favorite items of the day (after the zoo of course!) and they were simply breathtaking!

We also visited the White House one last time since Cindy has never seen it. I do not think she was all that impressed-she kept saying she expected it to be bigger! 🙂 We tried to find the perfect hoodie for me after visiting the White House, but to no such luck.

Oh well, I always have tomorrow. I have to check out of my apartment at 9:30 a.m., and our flight is at 5:15 p.m. We are planning to take in a few more stops before we leave for the airport. However, I have so much luggage that we are going to be packed when we leave the apartment tomorrow! 😦

Well, I’m off to finish packing my luggage and cleaning the apartment!

A bubbly mess

My last roommate to go, Ever, made a mess in the kitchen tonight by putting Dawn dishsoap in the dishwasher. Cindy first noticed the bubbles flowing freely out of the dishwasher around 11:30. It is a huge mess, and it just had to happen on our LAST NIGHT here.

Mom and I did most of the cleaning though Ever helped here and there before she left to go out with her boyfriend and other interns from Mexico. I freaked out that she was leaving without helping clean up the mess-which could overstay us in the apartment and ruin the floors-and went to talk to our RA, Ann. I just wanted to make sure I would not be fined for anything she caused this close to check out and did not adequately clean up. She assured me, along with my younger sister Elizabeth, that I would not be fined for Ever’s messes. Thank goodness!!

To top it off, I fell off the bed while talking to Cindy, Mom and Elizabeth. One minute I was on the bed laughing and the next minute I was trying to catch myself on the glass doors leading to my small balcony. No such luck. I fell hard between the bed and the window.

We are still working on getting it cleaned (mainly mom) and I am also close to 90-percent packed. We are waking up early in the morning to clear out the rest.