Sent home

I was at work for 5 minutes today which gave me just enough time to tell my boss that I was not feeling so great and for her to send me home.

I felt horrible, however I know I do not have swine flu which my boss thought I could possibly have. This was at 9 a.m. and it is now at 8:57 p.m.  After lots of sleep and medicine I am actually feeling somewhat better. Which is great!

I am currently working on finishing up my portfolio for The Washington Center, my final for class and sending out an application and resume to a contact that one of PHA’s vice presidents told me to get in touch with. I am actually really excited to talk to her-I think she will be able to tell me more about public relations and communications in general in Washington, D.C., as far as expectations and skills go.

I also received a call today asking to set up an appointment for an internship interview here in Washington, D.C. I was asleep when they called and accidently answered so I was not at my best, however that just means I will have to be on top of it Monday when I show up. The interview is on Wall Street-so wish me luck!!


Tonight I participated in part one of my final for my course Press, Politics and Power. It dealt with communication strategy, and each student played a role in an overall political scene: a Republican president is up for reelection with a low popular vote with a vice president, who is a POW and has an even lower approval rate. The US is in an unpopular war that is stablizing. For the Democrat presidential nominee, she is rumored to have two choices for vice president, a Illinois senator and the CEO of Goodlight, who are rumored to battling privately for the position.

It is now a Thursday night, and the CEO has funded an event for the Democrat candidate at the MET in New York. The president is to appear for dinner at the MET on Sunday. Right before 10 p.m. Thursday, there is an attack on the MET with two MET security workers, secret service and a few others saving the day and lives. There are no deaths and the Democrat candidate escapes unscathed, though shaking, and the CEO receives minor injuries. The Illinois senator is currently on a book tour and did not attend the MET event.

My role: the Illinois senator.

For the final project, part one, my duty was to examine how the attack was going to affect my role as the Illinois Senator. I had to come up with a communications strategy to help my role. It was actually really fun!  I enjoyed it.

Sunny paradise

It was a great weekend with weather in the 90s all Saturday and Friday.

I have loved having my room to myself with Ever in Mexico visiting her family. Johnny stayed the weekend so that we could all have Chinese delivered Friday night as we watched TV, and then Saturday we made a impromptu trip to Virginia Beach, which is 3 hours away. We even were able to take a tunnel under the ocean on our drive down there-how awesome is that!!

me, Johnny, Caylah and Sheila

We worked on our tans while taking breaks to go to the water edge and cool off. It was gorgeous. However, by the time we made it back to DC we were drained of energy. While I worked on a class communications project with a classmate, everyone else passed out. Johnny gave my classmate and I heck on our project before passing out smooth on the couch.

Today, we found the doorways to our apartment’s pool area unlocked and snuck out there to sunbathe with another TWC student, Andrea. It felt even hotter today and we had to go to the Rockville square to cool off in the fountain. 🙂 It was worth it though-we all have a little color to our previous snow white skin!

22 Days

I have 22 days left before I leave Washington, DC, for Arkansas. Wow. It does not seem right, especially since I am still searching for a job! It is actually scary! I graduate May 9 and I still have no job! 😦

On a positive note-I have my room to myself for the weekend. Ever is attending her sister’s Quinceañera, or birthday celebration. She has been dieting for this event the whole semester and already has a list of food she wants to eat once she is back.

It’s Getting Hot In Here!

It was hot and wonderful in DC today! Cay and I spent the night at Johnny’s last night so we could go to Nicks, a country bar in Virginia with him and one of his friends, Megan. It was awesome.

To thank him for letting us stay at his house and his car, I bought the makings for pancakes and Cay made us pancakes, eggs and toast. It was a great way to start out the day before we began sightseeing DC. We had 6 hours to show Megan the official sights of DC before she had to be at the airport at 8 p.m.

I have to admit-it was an unforgetable day! I just saw more than 50 Abraham Lincoln’s at the Lincoln Memorial. It turns out that there was a Lincoln Convention in town so I got to mingle with them all! Cool. Well, it was actually really creepy!

Constant Contact

I took PHA News one step further today and placed all the blurbs into Constant Contact. It was easier to use then I expected-it was neat!

PHA News consumed my day yesterday and today, so I am looking forward to get more stuff done next week. I helped staff volunteer night Wednesday so I was able to leave at 4 p.m. yesterday and today-and I believe yesterday’s events were a sign to never do it again!

I left work at 3:45 p.m. to make it to the 4:03 p.m. train and fell right before I made it to the train. By the time I was picked up and my stuff, I was able to make it to the MARC train’s platform just in time to see the train pull off. Literally, I was steps away from making it.

So there I was stuck in the train station bleeding, limping and with dirty clothes. I was furious. The next MARC train was not going to be there until 4:45 .m. and since I had to make it home by 5 p.m., the later MARC train was still faster than the Metro.

So I waited and waited … and the MARC train was then 15 minutes late and on the opposite platform due to a freight train ahead of it. Grr.

5:08 p.m. That is the time I made it to Rockville. It was just in time to pass my group heading to the Nationals-Phillies game. Caylah and I were planning to head to the baseball game with a bunch of TWC students and a RA that lived in our apartment building, however that did not happen obviously.

Still Caylah had dinner ready for me (she did not have to work-MPD has emancipation day off work) and we were able to get out the door and to the game just in time.

The game was awesome! Cay is a huge Phillies fan so of course I was for the Nationals … and who’s team won? Mine.

Heck yeah. It was the first win of the season for the Nationals, ending a nasty losing streak. Heck yeah!

Tonight, Cay and I are staying at Johnny’s to head out to Nicks-a country bar. Fun, fun.

Play ball!

I bought tickets to the Nationals baseball game against the Phillies tonight! It is my first game to attend down here so I am pretty excited. The Thursday night game will be the start of a great weekend – at least I hope.

It will be the perfect pick-me-uper for the disaster article I had due today for an internship I am applying for. The article is okay, but not the best that I have done. So-tomorrow will be my deciding factor on whether I pass the first stage of the internship application.

The internship is only one of several, and I mean SEVERAL, jobs and internships I am applying for. I have exactly one month to find employment for after my graduation. Wish me luck.

Meanwhile in my current internship, I am preparing for another PHA News edition. I am taking my work on the e-mailed newsletter a step further this week and putting the news blurbs in constant contact before I send them to the next person. It looks easy, so we’ll see if this is true.

Besides the newsletter, I am still working on updating several pages for the medical education department at PHA, and attending web redesign meetings. We had a hour-long meeting today and we will be having a 2-hour meeting tomorrow. Fun stuff. Once the meeting is over, I can start looking forward to working our volunteer night since I do not have class tomorrow. I am just glad to have no class!

My bad

I was technically behind the wipe out of my work’s home page yesterday after all. Apparently when I went to get the remote site’s copy of the home page, the server had it as I was putting the local file’s home page copy on the remote site = thus a blank page.

In all, my superviser said that while it was both my fault and hers- it technology wasn’t … it was just a computer glitch that just so happened while we were working on our web pages.

Thank goodness it was not completely my fault!!

In other news, I caught a cold while in Arkansas and I have yet to shake it off. It is making me miserable! It was especially not helpful during class tonight where we watched the 2-hour long video, “Enron: The Smartest Men In The Room.” It was pretty interesting, but the best part of class came at the end when our professor announced that there would be no class next week followed by an outdoor class (possibly to be held on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial). I am excited!

Wipe Out

I was the first to work on the home page today, and it was quite an ordeal. I went to upload the web version of the home page, and the page came back blank! There were no files! I was freaking out and just knew I was fired.

Turns out … it was not me!! This happened at 9:30 a.m., and our technical support said someone erased our home page at 7:55 a.m. I do not even have access until 9 a.m.-I was happy!
Thank goodness for backups. The problem was easily solved and I was able to finish updating the headlines on the home page,

Home Sweet Home

The ACM Awards are playing, my dog Izzie is chewing on her duck at my feet, and my mom is cooking me chicken and rice while I read on the couch- I am loving my weekend at home.

I am spending the weekend-Thursday through tomorrow-in Arkansas to see family and attend the Arkansas Pro Chapter of Society of Professional Journalists’ annual conference. I have to admit it was a great conference, but more on that tomorrow. 🙂

I am off to read some more!