My bad

I was technically behind the wipe out of my work’s home page yesterday after all. Apparently when I went to get the remote site’s copy of the home page, the server had it as I was putting the local file’s home page copy on the remote site = thus a blank page.

In all, my superviser said that while it was both my fault and hers- it technology wasn’t … it was just a computer glitch that just so happened while we were working on our web pages.

Thank goodness it was not completely my fault!!

In other news, I caught a cold while in Arkansas and I have yet to shake it off. It is making me miserable! It was especially not helpful during class tonight where we watched the 2-hour long video, “Enron: The Smartest Men In The Room.” It was pretty interesting, but the best part of class came at the end when our professor announced that there would be no class next week followed by an outdoor class (possibly to be held on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial). I am excited!


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