Play ball!

I bought tickets to the Nationals baseball game against the Phillies tonight! It is my first game to attend down here so I am pretty excited. The Thursday night game will be the start of a great weekend – at least I hope.

It will be the perfect pick-me-uper for the disaster article I had due today for an internship I am applying for. The article is okay, but not the best that I have done. So-tomorrow will be my deciding factor on whether I pass the first stage of the internship application.

The internship is only one of several, and I mean SEVERAL, jobs and internships I am applying for. I have exactly one month to find employment for after my graduation. Wish me luck.

Meanwhile in my current internship, I am preparing for another PHA News edition. I am taking my work on the e-mailed newsletter a step further this week and putting the news blurbs in constant contact before I send them to the next person. It looks easy, so we’ll see if this is true.

Besides the newsletter, I am still working on updating several pages for the medical education department at PHA, and attending web redesign meetings. We had a hour-long meeting today and we will be having a 2-hour meeting tomorrow. Fun stuff. Once the meeting is over, I can start looking forward to working our volunteer night since I do not have class tomorrow. I am just glad to have no class!


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