Tonight I participated in part one of my final for my course Press, Politics and Power. It dealt with communication strategy, and each student played a role in an overall political scene: a Republican president is up for reelection with a low popular vote with a vice president, who is a POW and has an even lower approval rate. The US is in an unpopular war that is stablizing. For the Democrat presidential nominee, she is rumored to have two choices for vice president, a Illinois senator and the CEO of Goodlight, who are rumored to battling privately for the position.

It is now a Thursday night, and the CEO has funded an event for the Democrat candidate at the MET in New York. The president is to appear for dinner at the MET on Sunday. Right before 10 p.m. Thursday, there is an attack on the MET with two MET security workers, secret service and a few others saving the day and lives. There are no deaths and the Democrat candidate escapes unscathed, though shaking, and the CEO receives minor injuries. The Illinois senator is currently on a book tour and did not attend the MET event.

My role: the Illinois senator.

For the final project, part one, my duty was to examine how the attack was going to affect my role as the Illinois Senator. I had to come up with a communications strategy to help my role. It was actually really fun!  I enjoyed it.


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