Blonde moment

This past weekend was the last weekend for Sheila and Cay. They leave this Friday, and Johnny has already left for Massachussetts for his 3-week vacation. It is so odd realizing that the semester is now over.

Johnny spent the weekend with us in Rockville. Johnny and I attended the Nationals-Cardinals game where we had wicked seats (at least perfect for me). It was the fifth row up from right field. I was happy with it, and the Cardinals won the game-so great!

Saturday was Rockville’s Cinco de Mayo festival and Johnny, the roommates and I could not resist checking it out. It was pretty great, and we all had so much fun. I was able to buy a huge plate of pasta and a piece of garlic bread along with a coke for $4, and after we ate, we listened to a live band while drinking margaritas.

Later that night, we ended up meeting some interns at the town square while listening to music and we went to one of their rooms to watch the Celtics and Bulls game. A good portion of the folks in the apartment were from Mass., including Johnny and Sheila, so you can guess which team was favored the most!! Luckily, the Celtics won or there would have been trouble!

As it was, we did have our drama in a way. several of us were downstairs while Johnny and another intern smoked when three police officers pulled up and went into our building.

Curious to see where they were going, we followed the last police officer and he led us straight to the room we were in! Turns out a neighbor called in a noise complaint, and the officers just smiled and told us that there was a complaint. Sadly enough, the game had ended right before we went outside for the Johnny and the other intern to smoke, so we were about to head out of the door anyways.

Here is our last group picture (taken Saturday night) of Sheila, Ever, Johnny, me and Cay!

The gang

I had a blonde moment this weekend when my roommates and Johnny asked me where I had an interview at. For some reason I thought my Monday morning interview was in D.C., and I was asking them all “where is Wall St. in D.C.?” It did not take long before I was freaked out by their cluelessness and checked out my application in my e-mail. Sure enough-I was wrong! My interview was in New York.

I left my apartment at 2 a.m. Monday so that I could arrive in time for my 9:30 a.m. appointment with a online newswire on Wall Street. Well, I easily made it to the paper without too much difficulty (Penn Station and the subway was hard to navigate for my first time) and I was still early for my appointment. I walked in for my meeting only to be told to come back in an hour. It was a good interview, but the weather outside was dreary and raining nonstop.

Wall Street

My Amtrak train left Penn Station at 2:05 p.m. and I was supposed to arrive back in D.C. at 5:23 p.m. Boy, was I misguided. The train ended up being 41 minutes behind schedule meaning I arrrived at Union Station at 6:30-the same time as my bonus class in Press, Politics and Power. I ended up rushing to class (which only had 4 students) and completing the bonus project-the “I’ve Got A Problem,” ethics game.

Today was no better. I had a morning program meeting to share my civic engagement project with everyone else in my communications and media program. It was interesting as well to hear what fellow interns did. I was especially interested in one of the students’ project, which was similar, if not actually, the Big Brother and Big Sister program. I have always wanted to be a “Big Sister” in the program so I thought this was interesting.


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