“Plus-sized model”


This article infuriated me. How dare Laura Ingraham  mock McCain as a “Valley Girl gone awry” and a “plus-sized model” after McCain’s call for Republicans to seek a compromise with Democrats.

Of all things that Ingraham could have brought into the discussion, such as McCain’s prior remarks, views and experience, she has to choose looks and a put-down that is only centered at women. As a fellow woman, she should not allow, let alone be the one remarking, a comment on a woman’s remarks or actions be answered and commented on by her weight or other stereotypical comments. It sets the precedence for others to belittle women’s thoughts and actions without giving it serious thought.

How can women expect men to take their thoughts seriously when fellow women belittle our own thoughts and actions with snide comments about our weight and being a “valley girl,” which is basically a shallow woman who only cares about herself, clothes and money.

To make matters worse, Ingraham said it was only “teasing” and just satire that McCain should not get upset about. CNN reported Ingraham as saying, “Can I say ‘lighten up,’ or is that offensive too.” Well, she can say it, but it emphasizes her stupidity on the issue.

At least McCain got her points right when she attacked Ann Coulter as being the “face of the Republicans.” McCain never used Coulter’s weight or any other frivolous comments on Coulter as her reasons why Coulter was not the best choice. Instead, her reasons come from Coulter’s professional past and her voiced ideas and thoughts.


Basically it comes down to the simple fact that women need to remember- if we want to be taken seriously, we have to take ourselves seriously.


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