Let It Snow

Sheila got lucky today: it snowed for her birthday allowing her to have the day off work. It was a gorgeous day outside today, if a little slick.

We decorated the apartment and gave her a photo album telling a “Once Upon A Time,” story of our TWC journey. I must say it was a great story since I was the one that wrote it to coordinate with the pictures. 😀

The Washington Center still hosted their Career Boot Camp today. I attended  “How To Get Noticed: Outstanding Resumes and Cover Letters” and “Negotiating Your First Salary.” They were both great seminars, especially the second one. We received copies of both powerpoints which contained multiple samples of every step we should follow in writing resumes and cover letters or in talking about salaries.

I must admit the salary seminar was the one I was most interested in-I had no clue what I was going to do for this area.