I volunteered for the first time last night with Greater DC Cares. My night was spent at The Washington Home, a nursing home in Tenleytown, where I wheeled senior citizens downstairs to listen to music. It was the birthday of one man, Big Al, and his family brought dinner and a birthday cake to celebrate. So I was also handed out cake and dinner to the nursing home residents.

It was actually fun. I volunteered with two Australians, a 8-week pregnant woman who is in America with her former Army husband, and Sergio, who is a Navy lawyer. Sergio was pretty nice-he made sure the pregnant woman and I made it back to the metro safe and sound.

There was one resident that brought a smile to my face everytime- this older man who would always smile and talk to me about the music, which he did not like. I have to admit-he was right. It was a piano-saxophone duo, and the instrument playing was great. It was just the piano lady would butcher the songs.

Though interesting, the night did have its challenges especially when I was wheeling an older woman back to her room. She had no clue where her room was so I had to kindof guess the direction to go in until I found an employee to ask. There were also three Alzheimers residents who attended the event that we had to watch closely. We ended up assigning a volunteer to watch them specifically to ensure they did not wander away.

The night did not last long, but it was definitely worth it. I am probably going to go again sometime soon.


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