Keauhou Farmers Market


A walk along the beach jump started our first full day in Kona.

We had breakfast on the patio and actually saw a cardinal. It was neat seeing a bird that I can find in my backyard here. It’s a connection I didn’t really think of.

It’s now 9 a.m. And we are just leaving the local Saturday morning farmer’s market. Fresh bread, fruits and vegetables and even scented oils. We are in heaven.

Aunt Cindy bought me a small bottle of the oils – she was afraid I wouldn’t buy it for myself. She had a point. I couldn’t decide whether to buy it or not, and I absolutely loved the homemade oils. I put some on my wrists to smell and I am still in love with it 30 minutes later.

We spent a lot of time buying groceries. For me, my sweet tea is a necessity so I had to buy my supplies.





3 thoughts on “Keauhou Farmers Market

  1. Nice shots! I woofed on Earthly Delights Farm in 2010, and they had a booth at that farmer’s market! Bonnie and Bacci are the farmers, and they usually had lots of baked goods out for sale. Run into them?

    1. Thanks! I don’t remember a Bonnie or Bacci, but if they were there I probably did. We definitely bought a lot of baked goods as well as fruits and vegetables there. The breads were especially good!

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