Attending church


I was late for church. I got my churches mixed up and arrived just on time at 7 a.m. to discover that the St. Peter’s Bt The Sea Catholic church is only used for weddings and Saturday night mass.

My church was 7 miles up the road and had the only service I have attended under a tent with rosters crowing and children screaming as they played. I completely enjoyed it, especially since the pastor deliver a great sermon.

The church is rebuilding and is presently in the planning stage.



Lazy Saturday night


We’ve spent the past day and a half on the go. On Saturday afternoon we took in some shopping. I found the above little guy and immediately bought him for my best friend-isn’t he cute?

Afterwards, GiGi and I went to the Sheraton hotel for drinks and to watch the manta ray feeding. We also found a gorgeous walk to the beach where I stepped in the only dog poop we’ve found.


It was a gorgeous view from the hotel: boats in the harbor, a setting sun and the coastline stretching on for miles. Later we got to see about 10 manta rays feed.

While we watched the Maya rays, my aunts swam with them for two hours before picking us back up for dinner at the only place open: Dennys.