Fontainebleau State Park

We saw lots of deer at Fontainebleau State Park.

I recently spent a three-day vacation in Covington, La., visiting my cousin Stephen (see here) with my parents. The majority of our time was spent at the seminary, although we did take time out to visit Fontainebleau State Park.

The state park is home to the crumbling ruins of a 1829 sugar mill near Mandeville, La. The 2,800-acre park abuts Lake Pontchartrain and is also the home of Bald Eagles (which I unfortunately never saw). It is filled with live oaks with Spanish moss draped across the branches and is absolutely teeming with wildlife — we especially saw an abundance of herons and deer.

I absolutely loved the visit. My only complaint was that I didn’t have enough time to spend at the park. I am hoping one day I’ll be able to go back for a second visit.

Live oaks with Spanish moss.
It was easy to spot the moon in the blue sky above the state park.
A heron flies overhead.
The cabins I hope to stay in one day within the next year.

One thought on “Fontainebleau State Park

  1. Hi there samm85, I was looking for photos of Fontainebleau State Park when I ran across your site. That is some great shots and hope they weren’t taken for posterity. Perhaps you would like to know that the state with their endeavor of public/private partnerships have in the works a hotel/conference center project for our beloved state park. 500 acres of “woods” that are underutilized is their reasoning. I beg to differ. I see that you published a video in October 2019. The Eagles, Ospreys and Pileated’s will be replaced by Parking Lot Seagulls if we don’t stop it. If you would like to know more and care to voice your opinion, we have a Facebook page just for that. I’ve also attached a link to the article in Gambit about the meeting. Thanks

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