Home Sweet Home

I’m home! I’m safely tucked into bed and couldn’t be happier.

The flight from Houston to Little Rock was rough due to the bad weather, however, the drive to Stuttgart was worse. Yes, I was that driver going 35- to 40-mph even on the Interstate. I freak out driving in the rain so driving very slow helped calm me down as well as the steady stream of Guardian Angel, Hail Marys, Our Fathers and Blessed Be prayers that I said. I didn’t realize how bad my fear was until I started messing up the words to prayers I’ve said my whole life.

But all’s well now that I’m home. I had trouble downloading my Tucson pictures onto my IPad this weekend so I can’t wait to download and go through them tomorrow. I’m hoping to add pictures to my Arizona blog posts soon!


We ended up spending more time then we meant to at The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, and I just wish I had more time to look about!

It’s a combined zoo, natural history museum and botanical garden that has living animals and plants native to the Sonoran Desert region. I didn’t have much time before I needed to be at the airport so we did a quick tour.

The best part of the trip for me was the hummingbird aviary, the cat area and seeing the javelinas (related to feral pigs). The hummingbirds were my favorite though. There were several species in the exhibit and the birds were obviously used to humans. They just flirted with the camera, played with each other and had us dodging so we wouldn’t hurt them if they ran into us. It was a blast. We even got to see a hummingbird nest!

Unfortunately I did have a flight to catch so we had to hightail it out of there. My last trip in Arizona was also the shortest. We stopped at El Tiradito, a Tucson historical landmark where visitors write wishes on a piece of paper that they then stuff into little crevices in a wall. I’m hoping my wish comes true-I’ll let you know when (hopefully) it does but not a minute before.

The flight from Tucson went well (although perhaps not for the toddler riding with me). I’m now at the Houston airport waiting to board the plane to Little Rock. Unfortunately, it’s been delayed an hour. Still, I have the latest book in the Stephanie Plum series so I’m set for the wait.

Sunrise time

Fog kisses the top of mountains. Coyotes howl in the distance as nearby a woodpecker chirps nearby flirting with us as it flints from one tree to another.

This morning, we went to the campgrounds of the Saguaro National Park before hiking it’s nature trail. It was incredibly peaceful and the cactus looked mysterious through the fog. we even saw a rabbit. We’re now making our way back into the city with a pit stop stop at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. I just bought two cool, colorful necklaces made out of corn kernels and took pictures of a male and female tarantulas.

Locked out

So, we were locked out of our hotel room when we got back to Hotel Tucson tonight. Our keys refused to work, and finally maintenance had to come help us out. The guy ended up visiting us a second time after we learned the hotel staff had failed to replace our non working hair dryer that actually would smoke if turned on. Needless to say we know have a working hairdryer. Yay!

We headed to Saguaro National Park once we got back to Tucson. It was still raining but the sights were amazing! I’m used to parks with hundreds of trees as far as the eye can see. If you replace the forests with cactus, then you have this park. It was neat, but different.

Catus as far as the eye could see.

I knew there were different types of cactus and that they grew pretty high, however, it really never registered until this trip. By the way, I have never traveled this far to the west before.

We found the perfect for sunrise tomorrow while leaving the park. Our waitress on Friday night had told us to get on Speedway and follow it on out, and we should have taken her advise. We left the park and followed Speedway roughly 15 miles into town and we plan to go back in the morning to watch the sun come up.

Today wore us out. We ended up eating left overs along with deserts from Whole Foods. I ended the day packing, during which I fell asleep. My aunt had to wake me up to finish clearing off my bed. I can say I was able to pack my all my new items into the already full luggage. I am only leaving behind a post card for my aunt to mail to me (a tradition when I go someplace new) as well as some jelly and sauce that I bought as gifts since it was all made in Arizona. Not bad at all.