Traveling along Arkansas Hwy. 165

A rainbow appears as an area farmer waters his fields outside of Keo.

A Saturday afternoon wedding led me just west of Stuttgart last weekend. The wedding took place at the Marlsgate Plantation in Scott, which was gorgeous, and the weather was perfect. How perfect? Here’s some pictures so you can see for yourself. 😀

Marlsgate Plantation is impressive. I could have spent hours looking around its grounds.
The house was built in 1904 and is circled by a stone path Even the simple pathway is part of the place's charm.
It reminded me of Frances Hodgson Burnett's book The Secret Garden.
The plantation was filled to the brim with benches and chairs tucked away into corners for little hideaway areas.
I especially liked this chandelier that hung just outside the back of the house.
Of course, the wedding was pretty great itself. The couple's colors were fall-themed. Above is just one of the table toppers.
The view from the wedding reception opposite of the house.
My drive home was filled with fields as far as you can see, usually filled with hay bales.
Naturally, a drive through the natural state wouldn't be the same right now without seeing at least one field of cotton and farmers harvesting rice.
OK, I'll admit I didn't take this picture this weekend but I did rediscover it this weekend. That counts, right? Anyways, this cat tail reminds me of my sister's wedding. She used cattails in her flower arrangements and, oddly enough, it looked awesome. I was impressed and will never look at cattails the same again.

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