What’s ah cooking

My name is Sarah and I’m a terrible cook.

There, it wasn’t too hard to admit the shameful news and it is embarrassing news. My idea of cooking is throwing in a microwaveable meal or making pasta. My past meals have usually consisted of these two options, salads, sandwiches or take-out.

It’s not that I haven’t tried to cook before. I have just either ruined the food, set a fire or annoyed my teacher enough that they took over the lesson and finished it.

Honestly, I was quite content with my cooking disability until recently. I discovered within the past year that I was becoming a little green (figuratively, of course) when my sister would call and describe happily the new dish she conquered for her dinner with her husband. She is a similar to Betty Crocker.

I’ve finally decided that while I love the color green, there was no need to be jealous. She’s my sister — surely my own genes for good cooking are there. I’ve decided they are just hidden.

I’m now getting back into the kitchen (with a fire extinguisher) and learning to cook. I’ve decided to take it slow and set a goal for at least one new homemade dish each month.

To celebrate I cooked chicken for lunch. It was … an adventure … I guess. I had to call my parents for help.

Anyways, I succeeded in making my lunch. So here’s to my next home-cooked meal!