The reawakening

Every once and awhile, I will come across an odd story that just makes me shiver. The below TIME story by Kai Ma is the latest one to do so and it’s title says it all: “Dead Man Walking: South African Man Wakes Up Inside Morgue.”

“What a nightmare.

After a South African man stirred from a 21-hour slumber, he found himself in a morgue fridge, screamed for help, then asked the undertakers that pulled him out: “How did I get here?”

Good question. After the man, whose identity has not been released, suffered an asthma attack, he was presumed dead by family members and a local undertaker in a rural village in the Eastern Cape, the Associated Press reports.”

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Blooming once again

A few weeks back, I bought a hanging plant that I found on sale while shopping with my parents. I was convinced that I could keep it alive — it only lasted a week before it began wilting from neglect and overwhelming heat.

I’ve tried to do better since and, finally, the work is paying off. The first flower since the plant’s near death experience has bloomed.

Kittens galore

It’s been a great week for photo opportunities. While at my interview on cat neglect, I got to meet about 10 kittens who were full of energy and cute as a button. Today, I passed a field of sunflowers on my way to and from quorum court in Dewitt. It doesn’t get any better than that. 😀

Monday blues

Mondays are always the toughest days of the week. You are just coming off two days of relaxation and sleeping in. So, who wants the added pressure of things going wrong?

Well, it’s my turn to have an extra annoying Monday morning. Before 8 a.m., I’ve already experienced computer problems that lead to work delays and a Little Rock meeting that I thought began an hour before it really did.

I guess to make it a little better I was able to grab lunch at a nice little diner near my meeting.

Flowers galore

I’m obsessed with flowers this year. I can’t get enough of the blooms and taking pictures of the ones I find as well — and there are plenty to take pictures of. This week, I found these flowers while heading for an interview in Keo, a nearby town.

Another subject that I love to shoot this year is wildlife. I found this small beauty while heading back from the White River National Wildlife Refuge.

Like this:

Go crazy

There are several photographers that I love to follow. I treat myself to a few minutes of looking through their updated blogs once, OK, maybe several times a week. The pictures are awesome though.

One of the websites I like to look at (usually through Facebook) is by Ernie Rice. Ernie was my photography professor at Arkansas State University. He also took the pictures at my sister’s wedding.

I was super excited to go on Ernie’s website today and see not one, but two pictures of my sister used as headliners. I thought they were amazing, what do you think?