NYC Ballet

My roommate Ever and  I attended our first ballet performance today at The Kennedy Center. It was the matinee performance with the New York City Ballet, which consisted of dances to Mercurial Manoeuvres (Dmitri Shostakovich), Slice to Sharp (Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber and Antonio Vivaldi), and Brahms-Schoenberg Quartet (Johannes Brahms).

I have to say, I loved it. It was entrancing. We entered late so we only saw half of the first, which was one of my favorites along with the third one. These two parts were more traditional and, of course, more romantic (at least the third one was.) I enjoyed the more “classical” ballet performance more than the more modern version, such as the second part. In the words of another woman that attended, “It was so primitive that you got the sense that they were smelling each other.” This modern part also included more raw and jerky movement, while the other two parts were more smooth and flowing.

Lol, Ever liked the second part the best. We definitely discovered today that we have a lot of differences in art. This discovery is not going to stop us though from attending more events together. We would like to attend the opera next and possibly catch another ballet.


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