A Walk To Remember

I got us lost.

Yes, my roommates Sheila and Caylah actually listened to me when I said I knew the way home during our walk around town today. We had opened the window blinds this morning to discover an insanely amount of snow on the apartment’s pool area and decided to scope out Rockville for possible playing-in-the-snow areas. All we discovered was that the snow was pratically non-existent except for what was near our pool area.

Still, the walk turned interesting as I pointed us in the wrong direction on accident, which we did not figure out until we were near the Interstate. It was a great walk, but was tiring after all the walking we did yesterday when we went to the Smithsonian Zoo and later into DC.

Once at the zoo, we got to see the red pandas, water cats, and cheetahs, which are near extinct according to a zoo sign. The pandas were roughhousing with each other when we saw them. One of the pandas climbed a nearby tree and I half-expected it to jump onto the second one.

Don't mess with the sloth bears-They mean business.
Don’t mess with the sloth bears-They mean business.

It has been a great weekend, and happily it does not end tonight. Sheila’s birthday is tomorrow, and we have some surprises planned for her. Tomorrow is also the day for the TWC Career Boot Camp. I am signed up for the seminars- How to Get Your Foot in the Door and Negotiating Your First Salary. Hopefully they both are information-filled and not cancelled.

It is snowing pretty good outside now-Sheila, Caylah, Chris and I just got back from a snowball fight outside. The snow was coming down heavily and a good amount was already sticking to the floor. If enough sticks to close the federal buildings then the boot camp will be closed as well.


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