A foggy day

Snow geese hang out in a fog-covered field.

We’ve had plenty of fog-covered mornings lately. Fog can be nerve-wracking, but it has its pluses. I love the little surprises you see when the fog lets up just at the right moments so you can see what its hiding, such as geese in the field you are passing.

The snow geese winter in the area and, lately, you can definitely tell when the noisy birds are flying by.


A crazy weekend

Gillett parade.

It was a crazy weekend. I was hopping all over the county to photograph parades, fundraisers and an open house. On Sunday, Stuttgart residents also held their 80th annual Christmas Candlelight Musicale and there were 42 girls that competed for the coveted Miss SHS crown.
It might have been hectic, but it sure was fun for all involved (including me):

These Stuttgart boys lit up the night with decorative strands of Christmas lights wrapped around their shoulders during the 2011 Stuttgart Christmas Parade.
James Gosney performs "Away in a manager" and "Amazing Grace" on saxophone at the 80th annual Christmas Candlelight Musicale.


Miss SJHS Charlsi Konecny talks to her sister Kelsi, the 2001 Miss SJHS after being crowned Sunday.


Ending on a high note

A joint church choir sings during "The Messiah."

My favorite part of being a journalist is that it forces me to attend events that I normally wouldn’t attend otherwise. I usually end up enjoying myself immensely, and last night was no different. I attended “The Messiah” composed by George Fredric Handel at First United Methodist Church.

The Arts Center of the Grand Prairie’s Lennox Performing Arts Series, Grand Avenue United Methodist Church and First United Methodist Church presented the event that had Charles Law conducting 21 pieces with a joint church choir as well as soloists Melissa Thoma, DeWitt native Satia Spencer, DeWitt resident Jess Essex, and Mark Wyers. Musicians were Kiril Laskarov on violin I, Beth Massa on violin II, Joe Joyner on viola, Casey Buck on cello and Amy Law (not pictured) on organ.

The church, already perfect with its beauty and calming atmosphere, was a great setting for the event with its lighted candles and Christmas tree.

Monkeying around

I saw a monkey in camo on Friday. It was a sight I've never seen before, and it was pretty darn cute. It was also appropriate as the little guy was in the duck and rice Capital of the world — Stuttgart, Ark. It's pretty much required for residents to have some sort of camo in their closet (a memo I conveniently lost, lol).

Say a little prayer

Today’s worship service officially ended the Wings Over the Prairie festival. The event entailed a male Labrador retriever and his owner helping others find Christ through a hunter’s experience.

Kingdom Dog Ministry's Hank Hough and one of his three dogs visited Stuttgart on Sunday.

Despite an interesting weekend — my mother came and spent the night with me Saturday — it was a dreary weekend with it raining pretty hard Saturday night. Sunday was cloudy with great puddles of water every where.

Drip drops outside of my house.

Wings Over the Prairie

A Stuttgart contestant in the Junior World Championship Duck Calling Contest on Saturday.

It’s finally here. It’s Wings Over the Prairie Festival time here in Stuttgart and hunters are sprawled all over downtown Stuttgart as they listen to the sound of duck calls. I’ve been covering duck calling contests all morning, and can happily announce, I have just finished covering my last one. Yay! Now, its time to check out the other parts of the festival: The Carnival and Gumbo cookoff! Can you say FUN!!

Country Concert

My sister and her husband often remark how they can’t believe I’m from Arkansas. My sister is super country while I’m pretty much a city girl. It’s a remark that I’ve actually heard from a lot of native Arkansan friends, however, if there is one thing we have in common, it’s country music.

Two weeks ago I attended a country music concert with my sister, her husband and their friends. It was the last stop of the tour for Miranda Lambert with special guests, the Randy Rogers Band and Justin Moore. It was a blast since I was able to hear some of my favorite songs from both her (such as White Liar and Baggage Claim) and her new group, the Pistol Annies (such as Hell on Heels and Takin’ Pills).

Here are some pictures from the event.

Miranda Lambert singing White Liar.
Justin Moore, who my brother-in-law absolutely loves to listen to. In fact, all we listened to on the way to and from the concert was a Justin Moore CD.
Pistol Annies.

Taking the time.


Lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.
indifference – unconcern – torpor – listlessness


It’s a word that I’m starting to think clearly defines many in today’s society. It’s either they don’t care enough or they go overboard with it. There is no middle ground.

I’m worried the most about the people who just don’t care because they have the potential to cause the most harm. It’s a concern of mine that has been growing for a while because I’m starting to wonder if some of my peers have lost their sense of what’s right and what’s wrong.

It really struck home Monday when I saw this Fox News video. A 2-year-old toddler was ignored by at least 18 people, according to Fox News, after she was ran over by a van on a Chinese street. The video showed people walking and driving by — yet never stopping. It might have happened in China, but its a problem that people are facing worldwide. Continue reading “Taking the time.”