A better me

“All our dreams can come true,
if we have the courage to pursue them.”
– Walt Disney

On Sunday, my congregation was tasked with one simple assignment — to start the new year being a better person. It’s never to late to live up to our dreams and expectations — we just might get a later start then we meant too.

It really struck a nerve with me, especially since the visiting priest was able to phrase the message in a witty, down-to-earth sermon. It reminded me of who I always dreamed of being and had me thinking of how I had drifted from this ideal persona.

I would like to be thought of as kind, approachable and truthful. I want to be known for my morals and to be able to give whenever I can.  It’s easy to be a ditzy blonde, which is a generalization that can sometimes be said about me. So, this year I am going to work on being more knowledgeable, less gossipy and more helpful to others in need.

The ideal me would also be a more active person — experience instead of just read about — as well as a more “Martha Stewart” type person. I was filling out this list of traits I would like to be associated with and realized these characteristics are not all I am working toward in 2012. I am also expecting, planning or working toward several others goals this year — some of which make me nervous, while others make me happy. Still, they are:

1. Church attendance

My church attendance has become more sporadic over the years. It’s a fact I hope to change this year — starting yesterday.

2. A New Job

My community reporter position is grant funded. It’s a two-year position that ends July 31. I’m still unsure where I’ll be on Aug. 1, but there’s a good chance I could be staying just where I’m at. If so, my duties may slightly change. If not, I’ll be moving on (hopefully if I must) to another part of Arkansas.

3. Make a quilt

My mom and I have decided to make a quilt together. I’m really excited. It all began when my mom and I stumbled on some fabric that I absolutely loved. One thing led to another and our quilt idea was born. We picked out the pattern that we would  like to use last weekend. So, hopefully the work will begin soon and I’ll retain the knowledge of how I made the quilt when it’s completed!

4. A decluttered home/financial report

I have began the process of cleaning out the unused items in my home and closets. I’m a clutter bug so it’s been hard for me to say “I haven’t used this in a year so it’s going. That’s final.” It’s the same for my wallet — well, in a way. I’ve decided to get rid of credit cards such as my Kohls card that I do not need or want (I’m a stress shopper).

5. Cook-literate

I want to learn how to be cook. I’ll admit, I failed miserably in last year’s goal of cooking a new recipe at least once a month last year. It’s a mission I plan to retry this year with more varieties than just pasta dishes. First, someone might want to buy me a mini fire-extinguisher though!


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