Photo essay: Portland Day 1

Day 1-1
The view from the Portland aerial tram that takes people from the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) to OHSU’s hospital.

We began the second leg of our trip today with a tour of downtown Portland. It’s my Aunt’s 50th birthday spent in our 50th state. Here’s some pictures from the day:

Day 1-2
A signpost at Pioneer Courthouse Square that lets visitors know how far they are from landmark destinations and cities.

Day 1-3

Day 1-4

Day 1-5
The Pioneer Courthouse was established in 1875 as the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.
Day 1-7
The courthouse used to serve as the post office as well. This hallway used to be filled with people waiting to get their mail or send mail.
Day 1-6
An old picture with the post office inside the courthouse.

Day 1-8

Day 1-9
An old courtroom inside the courthouse.
A courtroom with a fire place ... nice!
A courtroom with a fire place … nice!
A U.S. Flag with 33 stars.
A U.S. Flag with 33 stars.
Day 1-12
A Christmas tree at the town’s square.

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