The good luck continued. Our flights were 20 minutes early arriving and my distant cousin, Laura, picked us up at the airport.

We dined at a delicious Mexican Village restaurant before heading out to shop.

Sadly, our quest to buy the movie Fargo failed. We’re now back at the hotel.

Up next? A Viking ship that a Moorhead, Minnesota, man built in 1982 to sail to Norway.

And we’re off …

It’s finally time: We are now at the airport to head to Fargo, N.D. All is going well.

Should I be leery that our trip has gotten off to a really smooth start?

It’s never happened before. We checked in online and was able to go straight to security since we are only bringing carry-on luggage.

There was absolutely no line at security and we breezed through. The only real trouble was when I dropped my drivers license on the escalator and nearly lost it in the darn thing. Plus our gate changed, although that’s not a problem when you are a hour early.

Either way, I’m on the plane and have already ran into a former high school classmate. Pretty interesting!