It’s just a little rain …

Arkansas has been in a drought for the past few weeks. We’re still in extreme wildfire danger. So, as you can imagine, our farmers and county officials, as well as the above great egrets, were pretty excited when it began raining last Friday and continued over the weekend.

It always amazes me how a little rain can change Arkansas County’s dry landscape into a flood zone in a short-time frame. My hometown is near Crowley’s Ridge so I’m used to rolling hills. I’m still getting used to the Grand Prairie, which floods easily.

Still, the rain did manage to upset some, such as this House Sparrow. I first noticed the little guy because I thought he was stuck in a vehicle’s grill (see below). Nope, he just flew around the vehicles having a temper tantrum. It was amusing for a bit.



3 thoughts on “It’s just a little rain …

  1. Cutie! We’ve seen little birds going among car grills… Thought they were hurt as well. Until we realized that they were eating the BUGS from the grills! Little smarties! One was even ducking below the cars, to get a better view of the bugs, then returning to the exact spot to nab the bug. 🙂

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