Photo of day: transparent

July 16: July’s Photo A Day Challenge – TransparentIt’s been a rainy weekend so I’m glad our newspaper was actually bagged and tagged closed, which unfortunately is not always the case. The above is not the newspaper that I work for but a state-wide one.

Photo of day: YOU

July 15: July’s Photo A Day Challenge – YOU.

So I didn’t like the idea of a self-portrait so I thought I would share an item that would represent me — a book. I love the written word regardless of whether it is in a newspaper, in a paperback or in an e-edition. Is it surprising when I spend all day writing for a newspaper and all night reading a good book or two?

Even the color is representative of me and, no, I do not mean yellow journalism. I consider yellow as being peaceful and cheerful. Happy. It’s three things I always strive to be.

Photo of day: In the kitchen

July 14: July’s Photo A Day Challenge – In the kitchen

So I spent a lot of time in the kitchen making tea this weekend, which I drank like crazy. I went through gallons of the stuff. However, my co-worker spent her weekend creating an even more sweet delight: a chocolate snack. She shared the cake (above) with us today.