Almost there

An active volcano, perfect beaches as well as plenty of sea turtles and manta rays.

Sounds good, right? Well, my journey to viewing all of the above is nearly finished.

I began my trip to the Big Island, Hawaii, last night. My parents and I exchanged my dog for my grandmother (GiGi) so GiGi and I could to Little Rock.

Today, my first flight left at 6 a.m. I feel like I have never caught up. I’ve barely made it to my Little Rock gate and I went to the wrong gate in Houston. Luckily, I found the new gate just at boarding.

The highlight so far was the family of five who traveled from Houston to LA with me. Peru missionaries, the couple were bringing their 4 year old son Moses and three year old twin sons to their grandparents for an extended visit. The mother was pregnant, the twins were sick at first and Moses couldn’t keep quiet for anything.

He kept me entertained throughout the flight with his plans to become a soldier like the guy in front of us or a pilot, his animals at home – so far a polar bear, squirrel and rabbit – and his fascination with the plane’s safety instructions.

My Aunts Cindy and Lynda have now joined me in LA and we are finally boarding for our last leg of the trip. Already we almost witnessed a couple nearly get into a knock down fight.

Still all I can say is- I’m by the window! Woohoo!


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