Why I love journalism

A Rafinesque's Big-eared bat that is in a state of torpor (similar to hibernation) at the top of the Arkansas Post National Memorial visitor center's entrance way.

One of the many reasons I love working at a rural newspaper is the various assignments you receive. Sure, there are several you might not want to do but there are more that you do want to cover. I absolutely love it when my job means heading out to a local park or refuge. For an ongoing project, I headed out to Arkansas Post where I was lucky enough to be the first visitor to spot the above bat. The bat’s called Arkansas Post’s visitor center home for more than a month now. I think it’s pretty cool.

However, it’s not the only wildlife I saw:

A couple of Red-bellied Woodpeckers
Blue Jays
OK, this was back at the office.
House Sparrow by my office.
Got nuts? This squirrel does.
American Coot (the water chicken)
Canada Geese
Great Egret

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