A squeaky, clean birthday

Our project.

March 20 = the first day of spring and my 27th birthday!

To celebrate, my sister treated me to a soap-making workshop. Would you consider that a hint that I stink? If so, I’ll overlook that scary thought since my sister, mom and I absolutely had a blast at the event.

My sister Libby, mom and I.

So, how did we do it?

The state park-sponsored class had it’s 10 participants divided into pairs of two to make five different types of soap. My sister and I got to make charcoal soap (which is good for your skin and clearing up acne). The class also made clove and oatmeal,  Base 1, Base 2, and spearmint soaps (which mom made with her partner).

We used the cold-process method, which essentially means it’s easy to make but has a longer waiting period before the soap can be used. Anyways, our recipe called for us to:

1. First, prepare the mold. We took wax paper and covered the insides of our wooden mold box so we would be able to get the soap out after it harden.


Mom had to help us.
Mom had to help us.

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