It’s a girl!

Rose-Tu has finally given birth to a 300-pound calf at the Oregon Zoo! It’s great news, but you must be asking “why am I, an Arkansas girl, so excited about this?”

It’s easy: I’ll be heading to Portland in less than a week and I really want to see the baby Asian elephant. This is the second birth for 18-year-old Rose-Tu.

She first gave first four years ago and, despite difficulty adjusting, that baby was introduced to the public within a week. I’m hoping for a similar, if not quicker, time-frame for the new baby.

Rose-Tu gave birth to her second calf at 2:17 a.m. today. The Oregon Zoo announced the birth on its blog earlier today, releasing this adorable picture!
Rose-Tu gave birth to her second calf at 2:17 a.m. today. The Oregon Zoo announced the birth on its blog earlier today, releasing this adorable picture!

It’s actually a pretty fascinating event. The birth came after more than 30 hours of labor and 22 months of pregnancy. Yikes!

The new addition is the 28th baby elephant born at the Oregon Zoo, which is recognized for its successful breeding program for Asian elephants. According to the zoo, Asian elephants are considered highly endangered in their range countries due to habitat loss and conflict with humans. It’s estimated that fewer than 40,000 elephants remain from India to Borneo.


Photo essay: Dare to Dream II

Meeting Prince Charming.

In addition to watching three different shows, we were also treated to a big finalle that included all Disney’s princesses and their princes. I ended up having to go home and watch Mulan afterwards. 🙂
Rapunzel received her crown, taking her place among the Disney princesses.

Photo essay: Dare to Dream

This year’s Disney on Ice performance  in Memphis was Dare to Dream featuring Disney’s princesses. My cousins Brittany and Maria love these characters and we all had a great time watching Rapunzel and Flynn in Tangled; Tiana and Prince Naveen in The Princess and the Frog; and Cinderella and Prince Charming in Cinderella. If that wasn’t enough we got to see Micky Mouse and his gang as well as all the other princesses in the closing act.

To be continued …

Disney on Ice


My newspaper gave me four free tickets to Disney on Ice Friday, allowing me to take my cousin’s wife Amber and his two little girls, Brittany and Maria, on Saturday.

It was great. The girls love princesses and they couldn’t wait to see the Tangled portion of the show. Tatiana and Repunzel were the favorite princesses.


My Uncle Rob = Soon-to-be Fr. Rob.

I recently traveled to Memphis to celebrate my Uncle Rob’s declaration of candidacy to become a priest for the Catholic Diocese of Memphis in Tennessee. He is presently a third year theology student at Sacred Heart School in Wisconsin.

Well, I’m pretty proud of my uncle and his accomplishments. I’m proud to say he will be ordained a priest in 2014.

My Uncle Rob has always been a cheerful presence in my life. Growing up, he was the one who played football, softball, etc. when my sister and I joined my cousins for holiday celebrations at my grandparents’ house. Even on Sundays, he was the one who played badminton with us in our grandparents’ back yard.

He has always been a dog lover and every single dog in our family absolutely loves him. They ignore us when he is around.

My grandma helps Uncle Rob with his white collar.
The setting: St. Anne Catholic Church in Memphis, which is actually celebrating its 75th anniversary this year!

Top 12: Hawaii Pt. 3/3

My list of the top 12 activities I enjoyed the most continues down with my top four favorite activities:

4. The Catholic faith
I attempted to attend mass at St. Peter’s of the Sea Catholic Church, located just down the road from my townhouse in Kailua Kona. However, I ended up going a bit further down the road to St. Michael the Archangel Church.

The parish is known as the “The Church in the Tent” since their church was torn down because of age deterioration and damage from a 2006 earthquake. They are presently working to rebuild it, which once built, will resemble the former building that stood on the site for more than 150 years. It’s the first mass I’ve attended where the pastor competed with a nearby rooster for my attention. The pastor’s sermon won, which says how great of a job he did.

However, my interaction with the local Catholics didn’t end here. Another neat feature was the Painted Church in Captain Cook, an active parish whose church was erected in 1899. It’s absolutely gorgeous with funds raised through visitor donations and the sale of handcrafts, such as rosaries made out of wood native to the island.

I attend mass at Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Arkansas so I was also excited to find a similarly-named church in Hawaii.

3. Beaches

The Big Island’s beaches were probably bumped up to the No. 3 position simply because I was finally able to see not one, but two sea turtles resting on a beach. I absolutely love turtles. The island’s beaches are made up of four different types of sand: Ili Ili (beach pebbles); green (Olivine Crystals); black (ground lava); and white (crushed shells, corals). I experienced all but the green sands — which I now truly regret.

2. Hawaii Volcano National Parks

Who doesn’t want to see an active volcano? While there, I saw the Thurston Lava Tube, the Steaming Bluff Overlook, steam vents as well as Halema’uma’u Crater (where lava boiled for 100 years in this crater within a crater). I hate that I didn’t get to the see the live lava flow — I now wish I had completed the hike there or taken a helicopter over.

1.  Coral Reef Adventures
I loved our morning boat ride that had us swimming in 300-foot deep water with spinner dolphins. I am not a great swimmer so the initial plunge into the ocean freaked me out until my aunts joined me (I was one of the first off the boat). It took several tries to find pods of dolphins to swim with — we first discovered a floating white bottle and a coconut — but when we did find the dolphins it was absolutely amazing.

Top 12: Hawaii Pt. 2/3

My list of the top 12 activities I enjoyed the most continues down from No. 8 to No.5.

8. Underwater
I’m not a big water person so I’m surprised at how much I enjoyed snorkeling. It was fun and, each time I went out, I was excited to see what new fish I would discover. My pictures are of fish, but I also saw a turtle and possibly a manta ray.

7. Scenery
The landscape was gorgeous whether you were in the air or on the ground.

6. Farmer’s Market
I love farmer’s markets so we had to visit the local ones while in Kona. We ended up purchasing a ton of fresh produce and hand-crafted items as well as listened to local musicians. My favorite find was a small vial of perfume that my aunt bought me. She said she knew I wouldn’t even though I loved it (she was correct).

5. Kealakekua Bay State Historical Park
I didn’t spend enough time here: I wanted to snorkel and kayak here. It’s the home of the Captain Cook Monument and is 12 miles south of Kailua-Kona. The park is also a marine life conservation district that’s pretty much perfect looking as well as great for snorkeling, scuba diving and kayaking. While there, we saw dolphins, crabs and a man carving wood. I also fell in love with the place.

Top 12: Hawaii Pt. 1/3

Spinner dolphins. Swimming with these fabulous guys was probably the best activity I did on the big island of Hawaii. I’ve meant to publish this last Hawaii post for a while, but here goes my top 12 activities I enjoyed the most:

12. Manta Rays
My grandmother (GiGi) and I spent an evening dining out at the Sheridan so we could view their gardens and eventually watch the manta rays feed after dark.

11. Luau
It wasn’t a traditional luau, but a Hawaii teacher who travels internationally to teach students to dance traditional Hawaiian steps. The sole guy (last picture in this section) was the instructor.

10. Coffee Plantation
You have to visit a coffee plantation while in Kona and we chose Holualoa Kona Coffee Company, which offers a self-guided tour. I was interesting and the chocolate covered coffee balls were yummy. It was interesting to learn that they roast 600-900 pounds of beans per day, up to 40 pounds of beans per roast. I also enjoyed the stop because of the chickens hanging around and because we got to try sweet bananas — so good!

9. Parker Ranch/Anna’s Ranch
It was interesting to see the ranching side of the island. My aunt and uncle raise cattle so I traveled with her to tour two ranches: Parker Ranch and Anna’s Ranch. Both are pretty cool  just for the history alone although the views are nice as well. The drive was split between pastures filled with cows and goats. Some parts allow open grazing. Parker Ranch is also the site of Camp Tarawa from 1943 to 1945 where the 2nd and 5th Marine Divisions actually trained. The 5th Marine Division trained for the 1945 Battle of Iwo Jima there since the terrain was similar.

Photo of day: Bugging out

I do believe this little guy is in time out. 🙂 On our first day in Hawaii, we stopped at an overlook to snap pictures of the views and I found him on one of the nearby trees. He’s upside down, facing the tree — I would have been dizzy as can be.