My Uncle Rob = Soon-to-be Fr. Rob.

I recently traveled to Memphis to celebrate my Uncle Rob’s declaration of candidacy to become a priest for the Catholic Diocese of Memphis in Tennessee. He is presently a third year theology student at Sacred Heart School in Wisconsin.

Well, I’m pretty proud of my uncle and his accomplishments. I’m proud to say he will be ordained a priest in 2014.

My Uncle Rob has always been a cheerful presence in my life. Growing up, he was the one who played football, softball, etc. when my sister and I joined my cousins for holiday celebrations at my grandparents’ house. Even on Sundays, he was the one who played badminton with us in our grandparents’ back yard.

He has always been a dog lover and every single dog in our family absolutely loves him. They ignore us when he is around.

My grandma helps Uncle Rob with his white collar.
The setting: St. Anne Catholic Church in Memphis, which is actually celebrating its 75th anniversary this year!


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