Photos: Birds of Bald Knob’s refuge

Bald Eagles1 BKNWR 04182020.JPG
Juvenile Bald Eagles

This weekend, I visited Bald Knob National Wildlife Refuge and, OH MY GOSH, it was a FANTASTIC weekend. I recorded a record number of birds in eBird that included some firsts for me. Here are my highlights:

Common Gallinule BKNWR 04182020_edited-1
Common Gallinule
Yellow-headed Blackbird BKNWR 04182020_edited-1
Yellow-headed Blackbird
Black-necked Stilt BKNWR 04182020
Black-necked Stilt
Red-shouldered Hawk2 BKNWR 04182020_edited-1
Red-shouldered Hawk
Common Yellowthroat BKNWR 04182020
Common Yellowthroat
Bald Eagles2 BKNWR 04182020_edited-1
Bald Eagles

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