Photo essay: A Jolly Rogers good time!

1-Bonaparte's Gulls w:Ring-Billed Gull w:fish

A Bonaparte’s Gull comes out of the water with a fish at Jolly Roger’s Marina while other Bonaparte’s Gulls and a Ring-Billed Gull circle above.

18-Yellow-rumped Warbler

A Yellow-rumped Warbler watched us eat at a park.

2-Bonaparte's Gull, first winter herring gull, Ring Billed Gull

A Bonaparte’s Gull (from left), a first winter Herring Gull, and a Ring Billed Gull flying. The Herring was being chased by the other two at one point.

3-Bonaparte's Gull

The Bonaparte’s Gulls were the most abundant.

4-Bonaparte's Gulls w:fish

Bonaparte’s Gulls dive for fish.

5-Bonaparte's gulls, common loon

Bonaparte’s Gulls fly above a Common Loon resurfacing with a fish.

6-Canada Goose3

We headed to the farthest point in the marina dock and was met with a pair of Canada Geese.

7-Canada Goose2

Eventually, the female laid down beside us. The next day, she laid three to four eggs in the same spot.

8-Canada Goose4

The male tolerated us in their area, but not other Canada Geese. He would chase them away and then swim back in the above place.

9-Common Loon2

A Common Loon was the first to bravely swim near us.

10-Common Loon, pacific loon

Later, we would spot a Pacific Loon with other Common Loons.

11-Common Loon, Red-breasted Mergansers

eventually Red-breasted Mergansers joined the Common Loon.

12-Red-breasted Mergansers

More Red-breasted Mergansers swam past us to where the boats were docked.

13-Red-breasted Mergansers2

The darn gulls wouldn’t leave the Red-breasted Mergansers alone.

14-Common Loon, Bufflehead

A Common Loon and a lone Bufflehead get scared off along with a Bonaparte’s Gull.

15-Red-breasted Mergansers, gulls-bonaparte's and herring

Near the end, the gulls went a little crazy with the Red-breasted Mergansers and the loons (not pictured) at the center.

16-Bufflehead Ducks1

Finally, the Bufflehead Ducks headed in.


We finally decided to leave our new Canada Geese friends and head home. I couldn’t resist this picture.

19-Eastern Phoebe

I had just called it quits when this Eastern Phoebe appeared as I was leaving a Little Rock birder’s home. A nice way to end the day.

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