DIY Camera Bag

For months, I’ve been craving a purse made specifically for digital SLR cameras. I even found these amazing bags that I would love to have if I didn’t have to pay from $120 to $250 for each. It was a happy day when I finally stumbled across several photographers’ blog posts (a few are here and here) on DIY camera bag/purse. I couldn’t wait to try it!

My main expense for the project was the purse — I chose a black ELLE Lotti Hobo bag from Kohls ($47.40) before a 20 percent discount).

I was more specific about what I wanted this purse to look like on the exterior than the interior. I knew I needed a purse that was large enough to carry my Canon SLR camera body, two lenses as well as what I would normally carry in my regular purse. I also wanted to be able to fit an iPad in it when I travel.

I wasn’t sure how this DIY project would work — I’m not usually successful on them — so I reused dividers from other camera bags I had as well as fabric left over from my sorority days. My only other purchase was foam to line the inside of my purse from Hobby Lobby ($2.17).

Once I had everything I needed I — OK, my mom — made a pillow case of sorts for the poly foam that I bought. The foam fit perfectly inside my new purse and the pillow case for the foam allows me to easily change the foam’s cover whenever I feel like it.

Here’s my finished camera purse. It works great, however, I now need to go back and either sew a zipper, button or velcro to the open side of my pillow case.

My DIY camera purse is definitely well worth the nearly $50 I shelled out for it. Plus the foam slides out so I can also switch back to a regular purse whenever I need to. Definitely a project well worth the slight effort.