Thank God it’s waterproof …


I’ve bought my first waterproof camera – and a Nikon at that! I’m ridiculously excited about having it, and my coworker and I had to test it out quickly by sticking it under our work’s kitchen faucet. It’s still working. Thank God.

I bought the camera to use during vacations such as Hawaii as well as when I go canoeing or kayaking. It’s a wise investment – I lost one camera already because I dropped it in a cup of Dr. Pepper and another when I flipped my car into a water-filled ditch (it was during a snow storm).

So, really this is great. An additional positive is that it’s shock proof up to 5-feet. Since I’m 5’4, that will work perfectly!!

So prepare yourself – underwater pictures will be coming – even if I have to just stand out in the rain to get them!! 🙂