A Wonderful Day

Friday the 13th must be losing its horror points because today has been a wonderful day. I have uploaded my first updated Web page, http://www.phassociation.org/Site_map/, to the PHA Web site, and it was a surprisingly easy task to do. It was also a  pretty fun assignment. Dreamweaver 8 was not as hard to use as I thought it would be originally, though it did come in handy that I had all my notes available from when I went through Dreamweaver’s tutorial.

Working at PHA is actually growing on me-I love it. I left work today with several assignments waiting for me first thing on Tuesday and my supervisor has more to assign me as well. I love that. I am currently working on researching the background on some story ideas that my co-workers came up with.

I am also helping a fellow intern edit a guide book that we give out. I would not usually help edit the guide, but since I am a journalism major she figured I might catch more errors than she would. I think I am going just a little overboard with the editing, though I am trying to reign back a little bit. I have not finished the editing yet, but I will see next week what they think.

Tonight the roommates and I are ordering Chinese and hanging out at the apartment. So far, we have ordered the food and sang/dance to 80s and 90s songs. Fun, fun!

To anyone that actually reads this: Have a great Valentine’s Day!


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