The McDonald’s fight.

There was a fight at McDonald’s today, and it was all because of me. Well, you see what happened was … I decided to stop at McDonald’s and grab a bite to eat before class. What I did not count on was the weird guy talking to himself in the corner. He was sitting on my left and, when he started talking to me, I made the mistake of answering the questions especially the one asking what I studied. He obviously did not like journalists and started to get upset with me. I ignored him and eventually this woman, who previously had been sleeping in a booth on my right, came to my defense. Let’s just say it was a fight waiting to happen and I made my escape as they yelled at each other about where each other and their mamas could go. It was an eventful 10 minutes and I am still upset about it. It was so stupid but one thing is for sure – I am never going to that McDonald’s again! I ended up being late for my first day of class and luckily the professor did ont call me out for it. The class seems like it is going to be okay. We are starting the course out with a field trip to the National Press Club to see The Kalb Report. I am kindof excited about the trip. It should be interesting. The only thing I do not like is that the professor announced that she does expect each student to participate vocally in role playing and answering/debating. I am not looking forward to this part of the course-I was shaking today when all I had to say was my name, internship, university and major. It was a simple announcement, but I was freaking out. However, the course should help me reach one of my personal goals this semester-to be able to announce my opinions more freely and be able to defend them. This morning, I went to more department meetings at work, and met with the association’s president. This was all great, but the best part of work was meeting with my superviser and finding out what all she (and therefore me) would be in charge of. I was not able to start working officially on any projects yet, but I am supposedly going to be able to start on my first project-writing a blurb for a web story-tomorrow. I cannot wait! I am ready to begin working! It is interesting to note that at work, everyone is very independent. The departments work with each other but each has a specific duty that they do not really ask for help with. I am mentioning this because they are all so busy. I mean they are all juggling so much and working so hard, yet they are able to accomplish it all with smiles and laughter throughout the day. Speaking of smiles, Ever and I bonded after I got home from work and class. We aired our separate grips and complaints from the day, such as me disenabling our Internet service this morning when I was half-asleep. It was fun talking about work, major events and boys. Our little complain session made me feel better and reaffirmed that we are going to work out as roommates!


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