What have I done?

I have signed up to participate in the third annual Egyptian-American Dialogue on “Critical Issues Facing the U.S. and the Arab World.” It will feature 20 Egyptian students in D.C. for an month-long exchange program and around 2o TWC students varying in majors and where they are from. I am more than a little nervous on this dialogue. The three main issues we are discussing will be 1. the Arab-Israeli conflict, 2. the foreign policy challenges for the Obama Administration in the Mideast and 3. Correcting negative stereotypes Americans and Arabs have about each other. I guess I am most nervous in the fact that I am not the most coherent person in the world, I mean that is why I chose writing as my profession. I am also horrible at talking in front of groups that I do not know. However, both of these reasons are why I chose to be in this program, other than the fact that I find it an interesting topic. One of my goals for this semester with the TWC and the internship is to brush up on my public speaking and knowledge of world events and history, which I have slacked on in recent years. A mandatory briefing on the Middle East was held today for over two hours for all of us TWC students participating. I have two of my roommates participating as well. It was a long meeting as we covered as much as possible on the history of the Israel-Palestinian conflict and more. However, one good thing did come from this, well I did learn a lot as well, but I now know of one topic now that I can speak out about-the correcting negative stereotypes Americans and Arabs have about each other. I have Arkansas State to thank for that! I now have until 4 p.m. Thursday to brush up on my Middle East knowledge and to prepare. The dialogue is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. Thursday at the TWC with dinner following to allow all the students to mingle.


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