I survived the metro

I have finally ran into some luck. I rode the metro into D.C. today for the first time and it was easier than I thought it would be. I will only have to deal with one line when I need to go to work or The Washington Center’s office. My apartment is on one end of the line, my work is on the opposite end of the line with D.C.’s main attractions such as the White House and The Washington Center, well for me, in the middle. Ah, what luck! Other than riding the metro, I have finally met the rest of the TWC media group at orientation. The other interns and our program adviser all seem pretty nice. For lunch, I met up with Teresa-one of the girls that I met last night-and it was  an hassle trying to find each other-Teresa, who is in the International Relations program, had orientation in a different location. Okay, really I got lost, but I eventually started to understand their street design, which helped. After I did a huge square trying to find my way to her, we finally chose a nice cafe around the corner from our designated meeting spots. It was great with hot, delicious sandwiches and a Chinese buffet that I am going to have to try sometime-it looked so good. After lunch, my program’s orientation was over two hours early giving me time to make my way back to the apartment alone for the first time. I wanted plenty of time to correct mistakes if I made them! I also finally received a call from the airport-they are sending my luggage to me tonight. I will soon have clothes!


One thought on “I survived the metro

  1. I love the Metro – once you get used to it you will too. I didn’t know about your luggage getting lost! I’m so sorry – but it will make a great story for years to come!

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