A change of plans

In about 12 hours I will begin the first day of my 4-month stay in the Maryland and Washington, D.C., area. I am nervous and excited as I make the final preparations for my travel. My parents and I left Wynne, Ark., earlier than we planned due to winter storms. As it was, we bypassed a 6-7 vehicle pile-up involving tractor trailer rigs on the interstate near Lonoke. Traffic was backed up for over 10 miles and we were luckily stopped by the accident near an exit ramp. So we were able to avoid the hours of waiting by taking backroads. It was a smooth trip despite the constant rain, and we were able to get to Little Rock without any serious problems, well except for the time dad rolled mom’s window with the GPS unit attached to it down. It was a chilling few moments until we realized the GPS was alive and well.


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