Sunny paradise

It was a great weekend with weather in the 90s all Saturday and Friday.

I have loved having my room to myself with Ever in Mexico visiting her family. Johnny stayed the weekend so that we could all have Chinese delivered Friday night as we watched TV, and then Saturday we made a impromptu trip to Virginia Beach, which is 3 hours away. We even were able to take a tunnel under the ocean on our drive down there-how awesome is that!!

me, Johnny, Caylah and Sheila

We worked on our tans while taking breaks to go to the water edge and cool off. It was gorgeous. However, by the time we made it back to DC we were drained of energy. While I worked on a class communications project with a classmate, everyone else passed out. Johnny gave my classmate and I heck on our project before passing out smooth on the couch.

Today, we found the doorways to our apartment’s pool area unlocked and snuck out there to sunbathe with another TWC student, Andrea. It felt even hotter today and we had to go to the Rockville square to cool off in the fountain. 🙂 It was worth it though-we all have a little color to our previous snow white skin!

It’s Getting Hot In Here!

It was hot and wonderful in DC today! Cay and I spent the night at Johnny’s last night so we could go to Nicks, a country bar in Virginia with him and one of his friends, Megan. It was awesome.

To thank him for letting us stay at his house and his car, I bought the makings for pancakes and Cay made us pancakes, eggs and toast. It was a great way to start out the day before we began sightseeing DC. We had 6 hours to show Megan the official sights of DC before she had to be at the airport at 8 p.m.

I have to admit-it was an unforgetable day! I just saw more than 50 Abraham Lincoln’s at the Lincoln Memorial. It turns out that there was a Lincoln Convention in town so I got to mingle with them all! Cool. Well, it was actually really creepy!

A Night of Firsts

Driving Johnny's SUV
Driving Johnny’s SUV

I officially got to drive in Virginia last night! I must say, it was awesome! My roommates, Sheila and Caylah, and I went to Nicks, a karoake and linedancing bar, with Sheila’s old friend Johnny. It was a pretty neat place, and apparently the hangout for people stationed at Fort Myers. Yes, I actually sang karoake and linedanced-both firsts for me. And, it was actually fun too.

Johnny and I joked early in the night that I was going to drive us home, and amazingly he was serious. He let me drive a few miles (even on the highway) before Caylah began freaking out-apparently she does not like women drivers. I really do not know what her problem was.

I did, however, learn that Fort Myers has a newspaper-something I am going to have to learn more about sometime soon.

It was also the first night that we had a roommate go missing. Ever, our Mexican roommate, went to hang out with co-workers last night. She still was not back by the time we got home at 1 a.m. and today, we found out that she got drunk and fell asleep on the metro while heading home. She got off at the wrong stop, wandered around the metro stop, and ended up having an old man help her get a taxi home. She was lucky it was a decent older man. I hate it, but I did everything I could do without going excessive. It was a lesson Ever needed to learn.

The moral of this story-we need a better system for keeping track of each other, though I am not sure how we are going to do this.  Thankfully, we learned this lesson without anyone getting hurt.