Swimming with dolphins

About 100 dolphins surrounded us this morning as we snorkeled along the coast.

Karl and Jessica with Coral Reef Adventures took us out to see what marine life we could find, swim with dolphins as well as snorkel.

It didn’t take us long to find the first pod of spinner dolphins. The pod was “camping,” or swimming around the same area, and two were even mating.

The pod was close to the entrance of the Honokohau Marina and Small Boat Harbor so we set off to find a pod further out to swim with.

Our next discovery was a pod of spotted dolphins, which included a baby. They swam alongside our boat for a while before drifting off. However, Karl said the spotted dolphins do not like swimming with humans so we set off once more.

Karl and Jessica had trouble finding pods to swim with today – a rare event – but we eventually found an area a little further than usual.

I was a little worried about swimming in the ocean since I’m not the best of swimmers. However, I was fine after that initial swim (well we snorkeled with the dolphins really) and as long as I had some one close by.

Karl apparently even complimented me (according to my aunts) saying that I was swimming like a fish and doing a good job. Not sure about the swim part but I will never turn down a compliment.

It was amazing being in the water with the dolphins and having them all around you. I took tons of pictures and was especially excited to see another baby dolphin.

Between the three swims, Jessica had drinks, snacks, fruits and sandwiches for us. The pineapple was especially good as well as the brownies the captain’s wife made us.

Our time out with Coral Reefs Adventures was great although the four hours went by quick. I wouldn’t mind going out with the group again in February to see whales in the future.

We decided to stay a little longer at the harbor and have lunch at Bite Me Fish Market Bar and Grill. The restaurant serves the fish they catch daily in the Hawaiian waters. Today’s catch was swordfish.


An order of fish dip (above) started us off. I’m not a big fan of fish, but I still enjoyed the food. I had to try a sangria and the super delicious fish melt sandwich, which was too much to eat. I had to take home leftovers. The sandwich had the fish of the day – swordfish – grilled, crumbled and mixed with mayo and than flat grilled with onion, tomato, and melted cheddar cheese and served on rye.

It’s now only 3:13 p.m and we have decided to take the afternoon off to rest and shop.