A flash of red


We had a white Christmas this year after all — even if the holiday was near over. I ended up sick so on Wednesday I was able to watch the cardinals flock to my yard.

They apparently had no trouble finding food despite the snow. Still, I’m keeping my feeders full just in case. 🙂

And the male shows up…

Male Vermilion Flycatcher
Male Vermilion Flycatcher

In late November, I visited a DeWitt golf course to view my first Vermilion Flycatcher, a female that strayed from the species’ more common home in southwest United States. Today, I was lucky to view its counterpart, a male Vermilion Flycatcher in Stuttgart. It’s the second year for a male to be spotted at the Stuttgart Municipal Airport. He was easy to spot and it was like he was preening for us. What a beautiful bird! And while I was there I even saw two other types of birds!

male vermilion flycatcher

Northern Shovelers
Northern Shovelers
Harlan Red-Tailed Hawk
Harlan Red-Tailed Hawk


Photo of day: Ballet!!

Last night, I attended Ballet Arkansas’ performance of American Images at the Grand Prairie Center for work. It’s the second year the company has traveled to Stuttgart.

The performance took audience members on a trip through U.S. history with six sections ranging from the American Civil War-based Times Torn to the American Dream to Nowhere/Now Here, which is based on everyday struggles.

Photo of day: Early Stuttgart

Hotel Price and the Riceland Hotel

The Arkansas Historic Preservation Program brought its “Walks through History” program to Stuttgart Saturday to highlight the community’s commercial historic district. The nearly 3-hour walk took us from the intersection of Third and Maple Streets to Sixth Street. From Sixth Street, we walked up and down Main Street learning about nearly every building.

The history included this undated picture, which shows the former Hotel Price (left) and Riceland Hotel in Stuttgart. Hotel Price was originally the Metropolitan Hotel and its northern half was demolished in 1921 to make room for the Riceland Hotel. Riceland Hotel is infamous in Stuttgart for its bad luck as well as its hayday when it was the place to see and be seen.

To the far right is the oldest brick building on Main Street (now Wilkerson’s), which was built just after an 1889 fire nearly destroyed the entire commercial district.